Questions and Answers.

 Question: What needs testing?

 Answer: The easiest answer to this, is if it's got a plug on it it will need to be tested.

Question: Is it true that if something has a removable lead (like a monitor) both the lead and the monitor have to be tested.

 Answer: Yes

Question: How long does testing take?

 Answer: it depends on many factors but our engineers usual do between 20 and 40 tests an hour.

 Question: Do you work 24/7?

 Answer: Yes we do and at no extra charge, in the case of large offices we offer a discount if you take our out of hours option, our engineers can do more testing if they aren't waiting for people to shut down computers so we pass this saving on to you.

Question: Do many things fail?

 Answer: Yes things do fail frequently, 98% of these are fixed on site free of charge and we don't charge for retests once the item has been fixed by us. The most common faliures are wrong rate fuse, Broken plugs, Splits in cable etc. If any item can't be fixed on site you are advised of this by our engineer, we the issue you with a failed item report giving full details of why the item has failed and where it was located.

 Question: Do I need to count my appliances before you give me a quote?

Answer: No, We have many years of experience and we ask a few simple questions and we can work out from your answers a good idea of how many tests you have.

 Question: Are there any extra charges?

 Answer: No the price we quote is the price you get charged, if we find you have a lot of extra items we will advise you before we carry on testing and show you the items, in over 3 years this has happen on very very few occasions.

Question: What do I get when you have finished testing?

 Answer: You will receive an asset list of all items tested and the location where they were tested, and reports on all items tested. This will be issued in PDF Format via email If you need your reports in a hurry please let us know and we will issue them within hours of testing being carried out. We can alos issue hard copies if you require again please feel free to ask. Should need additional copies of your reports at any time please call the office and will get them across to you.

Question: We have very specific requirements can you help?

Answer: Yes, We have worked with a number of different clients over the years a few examples are Churches, Mosques, Funeral Homes, Hospitals and care homes. If you have any special requirements please let us know when booking an appointment. All our equipment is sterilised nightly to up hold hygiene standards for our engineers and our clients.


 Within PAT Testing there is a wide variety of people who need PAT Testing please see below for a small section of the services we offer throughout the northwest.

Student Accommodation PAT Testing Manchester University

Student Accommodation PAT Testing Liverpool University

 110v PAT Testing Stockport

 DJ PAT Testing Stockport

Landlord PAT Testing Stockport

Same day PAT Testing Stockport

Large Office PAT Testing Stockport

 Small office PAT Testing Stockport

Low Cost PAT Testing Care Home Stockport

 PAT Testing Stockport

Hotel PAT Testing Stockport

 School PAT Testing Stockport

Pat Testing Trafford Centre

 Jewish Community PAT Testing Stockport

 Hindu Community PAT Testing Stockport

Islam Community PAT Testing Stockport

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